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No Longer the Victim

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Ebook Details:

Author: Debra Monroe-Lax
ISBN: 9781467853729
Raised in the Delta of Mississippi, Jan Cowan is repeatedly molested by her mothers lesbian lover, Judy Christine Hays, a small-town cop. Immediately after finishing high school, Jan flees Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. Patterned after her molester, Jan embarks on a career with the Memphis Police Department where she becomes a noted homicide detective. At the age of thirty-three, an unexpected occurrence triggers Jans suppressed memories of having been molested. Unable to cope, Jans childhood alter personality, Chris Hays, again manifests itself. In doing so, Chris sets out on a path of lustful revenge by luring lesbians from a gay club and later murdering them. She then displays their nude bodies in a public park on Beale Street, a thriving downtown tourist attraction. As the story unfolds, a private investigator, hired by one of the victims father to find the killer, is falsely arrested after being caught near the crime scene where the fifth and final victim is found. One week following the arrest, Jan is greeted at the office by a pair of local fishermen who discovered her badge inside of a trash bag while fishing. Unbeknownst to the fishermen, the bag also contained solid evidence of the murders.

Title: No Longer the Victim

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Hardcover

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