Filter Dust Collectors: Design and Application, Croom, Miles L. EPUB

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Filter Dust Collectors: Design and Application

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Ebook Details:

Author: Croom, Miles L.
ISBN: 9780070145009
Filter dust collectors are standard equipment in every process and manufacturing facility where a dry waste stream is released into the environment. This practical guide demonstrates how to cost-effectively design, install and operate collection systems that fully meet all pollution control requirements. Chemical, mechanical and environmental engineers will find detailed coverage of critical compounds of a peak-performing system, including planning and sizing collectors and accessories, filter selection, feeders and discharge equipment, secondary filtration, dust capture and conveying, electrical controls and system troubleshooting.

Title: Filter Dust Collectors: Design and ...

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill (Tx)

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:Very Good

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Was ready to buy this, thanks a lot.
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Can you reupload please :(
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Just added rep 4 u.
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