Chips, Corporations, Corruption Chaos: The Ultimate C4 Weapons of Terrorism, Abdularahman Alshenaifi Ebook PDF

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Chips, Corporations, Corruption Chaos: The Ultimate C4 Weapons of Terrorism

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Author: Abdularahman Alshenaifi
ISBN: 9781425104719
The specific object of this book, "what the Chip in the hands of Corporate Corruption in a Chaos time is doing to us," is not any easy concept to support with direct demonstration. We have to connect as many dots as possible, and use the resulting picture to our advantage.

Though much has been written and bandied about by the electronic and print media pertaining to failing societies -- it all dances around the obvious ... only nibbling here and there at really essential issues.

At the lower levels, they are the newly developed race of bipeds radicals as limited function messengers, floating on the outskirts of theological madness. When their predictable shortcomings result in chaos, the consequences fall on all groups. The efficiency of this race impeded segment can be subjected to its devastating twist of the truth. Never having been faced before to understand the true reality of patriotism.

At a higher level - "They" - the renegade ones only profess to take an oath. No sooner are the words uttered, they become inconsequential. Once in office they no longer honor, let alone concentrate on their assigned duties. They have been mystically elevated to a strata far above the society that hired them. They hover far beyond the sound of our voices. They quickly become indoctrinated into the school of doublespeak. They employ the new language so well;, even an expert interpreter has difficulty in translating it. We see those experts every night on TV. "Youre wrong," says one ... "No, youre wrong" says the other. There was a time almost everyone understood our language.

"They," now standing shoulder to shoulder with a "lower they," have secretly changed uniforms and are playing on a different team. Perhaps "they" ought to be tagged with an unproductive label and be shipped out.

The fight against terrorism cannot be won on a military battlefield alone, and that "the most sophisticated security systems, the best structures, or trained and dedicated security personnel are useless, if they are undermined from the inside by a single act of corruption".

The well written materials criticized the worlds road to the future. In each, I found fleeting generalizations, supporting my specific target ... "the Chip, the Corporations, the Corruption, and Chaos."

As a result, in this work, the attempt is to keep the canvas broad. The aim is to consider strategy in the context of a broad and changing world landscape, through the following objectives:

The first objective is to try to make sense of the growing complexity of the radical world by identifying the most important underlying reasons. This is the aim of Part one. Given the huge amount of data available to us today, one of the factors to bear in mind is that the value of this data is already in a confused state and the value of such confession will increase. One set of patterns is drawn out from the mass of change in the world and portrayed as a set of themes or "Behind the Thick Walls".

The second objective is to identify and explore the problem associated with radicalism which will lead to terrorism. This is the aim of Part two. The Impact and Consequences of New Realities. "Breaking Through the Brain Barrier". It is a critical argument of this work that the current oversimplifications of the problem are somehow fueling such radicalism. Given this argument, this book does not abstract information in trying to find the best model to define the Concept of Terrorism and its universality among peoples.

The third objective is to present insights into the nature of Strategy and Changing Dynamics of Terrorism "Uncharted Territory". And the new realities of the new world. This is the aim of this part.

This work is aimed at those in all walks of life who have responsibilities for developing strategy to curb the rise of radicalism on both sides of the isle. In the government offices- they are the policy makers focused on the interest of the people- who today know boundaries and therefore hold the greatest chance to do good as well as the greatest risk of causing disruption and disorder. In this think tank, they are the political, social, economic, educational analysts who seek to influence the policy makers of the country. On the Stock Market, they are the traders, corporate deal advisors and asset managers. In business, they are the executives of major corporations and their advisors. Conventionally, we refer to those people as the elite of the country and ignore those that develop the country.

Title: Chips, Corporations, Corruption Chaos: The ...

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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