GOOD GOLF is EASY, John Norsworthy P. G. A. EPUB

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Author: John Norsworthy P. G. A.
ISBN: 9781908848055

SPECIAL COLOR EDITION - 85 images (60 in color). This is probably best ever all round guide to creating a consistent swing and lowering your handicap. Ranked #1 for Kindle > Golf in 2011 and 2012 in the USA and UK. With 53 years of experience as a teaching pro, and much along the lines of Harvey Pennicks "Little Red Book", John Norsworthy has distilled many timeless pearls of wisdom into this book. Written in a clear and simple manner with over 80 quality photos, he shows what really works for players of all levels with limited time to practice and to play. Learn how to:

  • Make your swing and your overall game consistent and reliable.
  • Rediscover and draw upon your innate skills of coordination, timing and feel you first learned as a child.
  • Save shots on every hole with techniques for trouble shots, the short game and for putting.
  • Master your attitude so that you not only play your best but also positively enjoy yourself when playing!

John is a P.G.A. teaching professional with more than a half century of experience as a professional teacher. His methods are the result of teaching thousands of students at every level from complete beginners to tournament professionals, from celebrities to politicians, and even a king! They are also the result of extensive research into the methods used by the greatest players and teachers over the past century.

Let the player within you play

Good Golf is Easy teaches you to play naturally and instinctively. You will learn how to dissipate tension, set aside fear and instead play with freedom and joy. Slices, hooks, fat shots, thin shots or plain missing the ball should become a thing of the past and your scoring should also improve appreciably.

Great players of the past relied on their player within: instincts, feel, coordination and timing. This is the secret to bringing out the very best in your game and discovering that Good Golf is Easy!


Publisher: Mansfield Books

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Look fwd to checking this out.
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